That individuals who preferred the same colors tended to share some of the same characteristics:

Red: Goal-oriented, determined
Orange: Energetic, happy
Yellow: Outgoing but well-controlled, persuasive
Green: Caring and helpful
Blue: Analytical, cautious
Purple: Comforting, values dignity
White: Peaceful, often good at organization
Black: Conservative, but also creative
Brown: Practical, excels at accomplishing tasks

As much as interior design is about how a room looks visually, it’s  also about creating an overall tone for the space. The majority of us would prefer that our bedrooms have a calming feel to them so that we can get a good night’s rest. Conversely, our dining rooms and other spaces where we do most of our entertaining should feel lively.
As far as the field of color psychology is concerned, color is the simplest way to get your desired mood across Keep these hints in mind as you decorate your interiors:
If you want the space to feel energetic: Warm colors are key – red, yellow, and orange.
If you want the space to be calming: Opt for cool colors like blue, green, or a light purple
Regardless of what colors you choose, remember that balance is key. Too much of any one shade is going to seem overwhelming. Remember to add pops of neutral colors like black, white, brown, or gray every space. If you’re not sure which colors go together, spend some time on design websites like InwayInteriors, Kozydesignstudio to find your inspiration or reach out to an interior designer.